About Me

A petite and ordinary man. I like working with web design and development. I also try to read, write and make videos on this subject.

Web Developer – I am working as a web developer in a software firm in Sylhet. I am also working as a part-time web developer in another software firm. As well as being a freelancer, I have been working in the Fiber Marketplace for the past several years. One of the things I enjoy most about being a web developer is learning new things and being creative.

Teacher – Teaching others is a complicated subject and a very decent job. Teaching is one of my hobbies. I take classes on various topics of web development. I try to talk to others about what I know to make it easy.

YouTube – In addition to teaching, I make video tutorials on various topics of web development. I try to quickly explain different aspects of web development in the Bengali language. I have been making videos for YouTube for several days now. I don’t know how far I can go. If a person can benefit from watching my video, I will consider my troubles successful.

Blogging – Writing is another hobby of mine. I like to write about various aspects of web development and technology. I think it is effortless to express one’s thoughts through writing. I want to write about other things that can be done in my little talent.

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