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Freelancing and Outsourcing. Episode – 3

Nowadays, Freelancing has become an essential source of income. We all want to make money. Since many ways to earn money through Freelancing, many young people and students have become interested in Freelancing. The problem is that many people are opening accounts in different freelance marketplaces without realizing it. Many people think that Freelancing is […]

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Freelancing and Outsourcing. Episode – 2

In the last episode, I talked about ‘Freelancing and Outsourcing. If you want to do freelancing and outsourcing, you have to learn a skill well. The first problem is ‘what to learn, why to learn, how to learn. I will try to discuss this topic in today’s episode. It is becoming more and more challenging […]

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Freelancing and Outsourcing. Episode – 1

There has been a lot of talk about Freelancing and Outsourcing for some time now. Many people think this is an easy way to become rich overnight! Many people are being deceived by being attracted to these advertisements to earn money online. Everyone wants to make money quickly with less effort! So is Freelancing and Outsourcing fake? Do many people say that millions […]

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